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The Main Points Of The Application Of Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Steam Boiler The simple principle is that the boiler is the use of fuel or other energy heat to heat the water into hot water or steam machinery and equipment. So what is the boiler principle? How to choose to buy a good steam boiler? In fact, the principle of steam boiler is heated in the fire on the water containers, the general boiler can be divided into two parts of the pot and furnace, steam boiler through the steam power plant into mechanical energy, generally can usually be used in schools, residential, railway stations, ship terminals Other places.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Steam boiler exhaust temperature is less than 150 ℃, while the conventional steam boiler exhaust temperature above 250 ℃. Reduced smoke temperature reduces the amount of heat from the flue gas and the condensate in the flue gas, increasing the thermal efficiency of the steam boiler. So the steam boiler thermal efficiency can reach 92%, while the conventional steam boiler only about 80%. At the same time, the steam boiler also uses the frequency conversion ratio adjustment technology, according to the actual use of steam to control the furnace, and further reduce the unnecessary fuel loss.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Industrial boilers are relatively small evaporation, are below 40 to 10-35 or so, and the use of industrial boilers and power plants are not the same boiler, industrial boilers, the main steam and hot water requirements indicators are not very high, General use for some industrial steam, such as heating furnace steam seal, steam hot water heating and other uses, many types of industrial boilers, but most of the chain furnace to the majority, because the chain furnace technology is mature, simple and reliable structure, but also to achieve automation, and so on Factors, favored by most boiler users.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Power plant boiler is mainly pulverized coal furnace and circulating fluidized bed boiler, gas boiler its evaporation, high efficiency, structure and chain furnace is different from the pulverized coal furnace and circulating fluidized bed boiler structure is similar, but the principle is different, coal Powder furnace and circulating fluidized bed boilers are with a ventilated bed, a wind from the bed at the end of the drum, the secondary air carrying coal into the furnace to form a mixed combustion, burned by the cyclone separator after the unburned Complete pulverized coal to re-burn, and fluidized bed boiler to form a fluidized form of coal than the pulverized coal furnace combustion effect is better, full combustion, but also to achieve a low temperature combustion, reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

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