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The Internal Medium Of The Organic Heat Carrier Boiler And The Pressure

Organic heat carrier furnace work pressure is relatively low, the pot medium temperature is high, and most of the flammable and explosive material, a little bit toxic, once in operation leak, it will cause a fire, explosion caused casualties. Therefore, the organic heat carrier furnace safe operation and management, must attach great importance. Here, tell you the boiler running when the preparatory work and precautions, safety is the most important.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

Hot carrier furnace inside and outside the inspection and preparation: the heat carrier furnace residual water to dry, dry, boiler and the box without debris, manhole, hand hole and other doors are closed, the use of sealed filler in line with the heat carrier furnace Media requirements. Inspection of safety accessory and protective device: Pressure gauge The needle valve or shut-off valve in front of the trap is fully open. Pressure gauge accuracy, range, dial to meet the requirements, the yuan pressure when the pointer back to zero. Level gauge connection pipe valve is open, the liquid pipe connected to the storage tank. Safety valves, rupture discs and a variety of thermal instrumentation device safe, intact. Thermometer and automatic recording check qualified, over-temperature overpressure alarm and automatic protection device has been put into the electrical control of the node normal.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

Qualified heat carrier, is the oil pump to the boiler when the oil, should check the furnace, with hot equipment, piping system, sewage valve, oil valve is closed, so as not to heat carrier loss. At the same time, the exhaust valves on the pipes and the furnace are opened and discharged one by one to remove the air until the oil flows out. When the oil level appears on the level of the expansion tank (expansion device), the oil is stopped and then the circulating oil pump is started to cool Oil circulation.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

The purpose of the cold oil circulation is to test whether the entire heating system has the phenomenon of hysteresis, equipment, piping, valves and other yuan leakage, circulation pump flow and head can meet the production requirements. As the cold oil viscosity is high, so the heat carrier furnace import and export pressure is relatively large, the pipeline system activity resistance is also large, so each pump to turn to start, test, so that the cold oil in the system cycle 6 ~ 8h.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

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