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Physical Properties Of Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Positive pressure steam refers to the pressure at 0 1-5mpa, the temperature at 110-250 ℃ of steam. This is the most representative use of steam in industry. is widely used in heat exchangers and steam boxes and other equipment used to heat and humidification. In most cases the steam used is saturated, that is, saturation steam. Because the corresponding relationship between pressure and temperature is fixed, the latent heat of steam can be heated quickly.Fuel Oil(gas)steam 

In the food processing industry, superheated steam is sometimes used for cooking and drying and dehydration. Superheated steam is very easy to control after being heated to 200-800 ℃ under normal pressure, so it is used in today's household steam oven market.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

When the negative pressure saturated steam is used like positive pressure steam, the temperature of the steam can be changed rapidly by adjusting the air pressure, which makes it possible to control the temperature accurately. However, the negative pressure steam equipment must be equipped with a vacuum pump, because just reducing the air pressure will not make it less than atmospheric pressure.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Steam turbines are an indispensable equipment for thermal power plants. In order to improve the efficiency, the technology of using high temperature and high pressure steam was developed. Some thermal power plants use 25MPA (ABS) and 610 ℃ of supercritical pressure steam in their turbines. In order to prevent the turbine equipment from being damaged by condensation water, saturated steam should be avoided, so superheated steam is used in most cases. Conversely, the use of high-temperature steam in nuclear power plants is prohibited because it can cause material problems in turbine equipment, so it is commonly used in high-pressure saturated steam.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

Water vapor is the most heat-tolerant gas substance in gaseous matter. In the cooling of High-temperature objects have a wide range of uses, such as metal quenching medium-speed cooling, metal materials processing process, metals and cutting tool cooling, with visual, prolong the tool life, reduce oxidation, reduce the emission of chemicals and other advantages, is the metal cutting process of the ideal material cooling.Fuel Oil(gas)steam

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