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Key Points Of Technical Transformation Of Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

The use of biomass pellet fuel is higher than coal, but is lower than natural gas, diesel and electricity. The lower cost of use is one of the reasons why boiler users are keen to use biomass pellet fuel. It should be noted that, although the same layer of combustion, the combustion conditions and flue gas characteristics compared with coal is also very different, so Coal-fired boilers to change the biomass fuel requires some technical conditions.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

The original coal-fired boiler for technological transformation, the pressure components without any changes, the boiler heating surface without any increase or decrease, furnace and flue structure without any changes. Boiler technological transformation mainly through the promotion of fuel combustion and boiler flue gas treatment in two aspects, so that the boiler flue gas in the smoke and nitrogen oxides emissions can meet the "boiler air pollutant discharge standards" (GB 13271-2001) emissions requirements The Through the original coal-fired boiler chain furnace row of coal bucket to install the long axis feeder, secondary air nozzle, long-shaped fire door, the transformation of the original adjustment baffle, gear reducer and centrifugal fan.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

Install secondary air nozzle. The secondary air nozzle consists of a centrifugal fan and an air nozzle. When the fuel falls into the mouth, the secondary air nozzle can output uniform high pressure air to blow the fuel into the furnace, due to sufficient oxygen supply, biomass fuel quickly burn. According to the biomass particles easy to fire, burning time than the short combustion characteristics of coal, the original adjustment baffle, gear reducer and centrifugal fan to transform, to promote the full combustion of biomass fuels.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

It is the key to determine the success of the project when the flue gas is qualified for the burning of the coal-fired boiler. Such as the use of traditional coal-fired boiler dust removal method, often ineffective.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

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