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Heating Technology Of Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

Organic heat carrier heating furnace is an organic heat carrier for the heat medium, by coal, fuel (gas) or electric heating, to the circulation pump for the transmission power of the complete set of heating equipment, suitable for high-temperature heating, heating temperature of 150-340 ℃. Organic heat carrier heating furnace can obtain higher working temperature under lower pressure, mainly used in chemical reaction, polymerization distillation, textile heat stereotypes, metal products surface coating baking, rubber vulcanization, asphalt melting and other processes of high-temperature heating, with high temperature, low pressure, energy saving, high efficiency and so on.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

Under the low working pressure, high heating temperature can be obtained, the investment of equipment is reduced and the safety factor is increased. The heating uniformity and stability can accurately control the heating temperature of the material and effectively improve the processing quality of the product. The heat conduction oil does not corrode, does not scale, reduces the water or the steam as the heat transfer medium necessary water treatment equipment investment and the medicament treatment expense. The solidification point of the heat-conducting oil is lower, and the solidification does not swell, so there is no danger of the frost-cracking equipment.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

A heat-conducting oil heating furnace can be heated to a number of hot users at the same time, providing different heating temperatures for each hot user. This reduces the number of users need multiple heating furnace equipment investment. Compared with the steam boiler, the heat conduction oil uses the liquid phase transportation energy, the circulation heats up, does not need the condensation discharge heat loss, may save 40% above energy, moreover the operation is convenient, safe and reliable, is the ideal energy saving, the environmental protection product.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler 

Organic heat carrier steam pot According to the fuel can be divided into electric organic heat carrier steam pot, coal-fired organic heat carrier steam pot, fuel organic heat carrier steam pot, gas organic heat carrier steam pot and so on. Use: Organic heat carrier steam pot is a new type, safe, efficient energy-saving, low pressure (under atmospheric or lower pressures) and can supply high-temperature heat energy of special industrial furnace, to heat conduction oil as a hot carrier, through the process heat pump so that heat carrier cycle, heat transfer to heat equipment.Organic Heat Carrier Boiler

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