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Heat Transfer Of Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

      To meet the daily life and production process requirements. It is often necessary to change the temperature of an object (including solids, liquids, gases). When the temperature of the object rises, it needs to be heated. For example, in the heating system today, the heat of the boiler heating medium (hot water, steam) is based on the fuel (coal, oil, liquefied gases, gas, etc.) when the heat released when burning.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

      What is heat: the amount of heat transferred in the unit time is called heat. It is learned from physics that the heat is related to the mass of the heated object, the length of heating and the properties of the heated object. Unit of heat: Joule (J), commonly used in illegal units of measurement by card (CaI) or kcal (kcal), its conversion relationship is: 1cal=4. 1868J. What is superheated steam? Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

      When the water in the wet saturated steam evaporates into the dry saturated steam, the steam temperature is still the boiling point temperature. If the saturated steam continues to heat up so that the steam temperature rises and exceeds the boiling point temperature, the steam obtained is called superheated steam.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

     Heat conduction: Heat conduction when heat is transferred from a part of an object to another part or from one object to another object that is in contact with it. Heat convection: The way in which heat is transmitted by the flow of a medium (liquid or gas) is called a heat convection. Heat radiation does not require any intermediary, it is a kind of heat-ray (that is, different wavelengths of electromagnetic waves) directly from the object to the emission of heat, is a special form of heat transmission. Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

     In daily life, when the winter outdoor temperature is low, people in the Sun strong noon will also feel the warmth of irradiation, which is from the lower sun surface temperature is very high, it constantly to the surface of the earth to transmit different wavelengths of electromagnetic transmission heat.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

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