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External Load Of Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

In the steam boiler hot water boiler gas boiler fuel boiler boiler, energy-saving environmental protection boiler operation, often because of accidents, failures, power outages and boiler running end, such as the need to stop the furnace, which involves the operation of the shutdown process should also pay attention to the maintenance after the furnace shutdown.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

Boiler stop furnace can be divided into the pressure of fire stop furnace, normal stop furnace and emergency stop furnace three kinds of situation. The first two are planned to stop the furnace, should slow down the combustion, reduce the load until the hot water boiler load down to zero. The latter is the boiler in the operation of the accident, emergency interruption of combustion, so that the boiler load dropped sharply to 0.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

When the external load is reduced, the boiler can be used to press the fire method, suspend one or several boilers to run, so that when the load increases, the shutdown of the boiler can be the fastest speed to resume normal operation, can dispense with the preparation of ignition and shorten the boost time.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler 

Before the boiler presses the fire, the reality party reduces the boiler load, then according to the length of the shutdown time, the coal seam thickening (generally but 200 mm), appropriate speed up the furnace row, when the thickened seam to the old Millimeter Eagle iron (slag) 1 mm or so, stop the grate rotation, stop the drum, induced fan, The appropriate amount of small section of the supply of wind adjustment plate block and flue baffle, relying on natural ventilation to maintain the weak combustion of coal, and then carry out sewage, the boiler water level up to the maximum allowable level.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

If the fire burns the coal gate, start the grate again and move the coal back some distance. When the boiler needs to resume operation, as long as the start of the introduction, blower, adjust the smoke, windshield plate and sectional wind room to adjust the opening of the baffle, when the normal combustion to adjust the thickness of the seam, start the grate, you can resume operation.Coal-fired Steam Hot Water Boiler

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