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Combustion Of The Fuel Biomass Fuel Boiler

Biomass fuel from the feeding mechanism evenly into the high-temperature pyrolysis combustion chamber, after ignition, the fuel in the rapid precipitation of volatile, flame burning inward, in the gas (solid) phase combustion chamber quickly formed high temperature area, for the continuous stability of the fire created condition. The pyrolysis of the fuel in the combustion chamber is rapidly decomposed into combustible gas under high temperature and hypoxia conditions and sent to the gas phase combustion chamber for gas phase combustion.The Fuel Biomass Fuel Boiler

At the same time, more than 90% of the volatile matter is cracked into hot fuel, transported by the delivery system to the solid-phase combustion chamber for solid-phase combustion, and the ash is completely discharged. In the transport process, small particles of fuel and unburned particles in the wind under the action of gas (solid) phase combustion chamber suspended combustion. Not fully burned, from a number of oxygen with the proportion of automatic deployment, to add the required amount of oxygen for the furnace outlet combustion combustion, fully burned high temperature flue gas to the boiler heating surface is absorbed, and then after dust To the atmosphere.The Fuel Biomass Fuel Boiler

As the biomass boiler fuel characteristics and fossil fuels are different, which led to the biomass fuel in the extinguishment process of extinguishing mechanism, the reaction rate and the composition of the product and fossil fuels are also different compared to show different from fossil fuels The extinguishing characteristics. The process of extinguishing the biomass fuel is divided into two stages: the precipitation and extinguishment of the volatiles, the extinguishment and burning of the coke. The former accounts for about 10% of the extinguishing time and 90% of the extinguishing time. The detailed extinguishing process is as follows: After extinguishing the room, under high temperature heat, the fuel is heated and the moisture is precipitated.The Fuel Biomass Fuel Boiler

Subsequently, the fuel continues to increase due to the temperature, about 250 degrees Celsius, heat synthesis start, precipitation volatile, and constitute coke. The gaseous volatiles and the surrounding high temperature air blending are first ignited and extinguished. Under normal circumstances, the coke is surrounded by volatile, extinguish the room oxygen is not easy to soak into the coke appearance, as long as the volatile out of the end is almost finished, the coke and its surrounding temperature is high, the oxygen in the air may also be exposed to the appearance of coke , Coke began to extinguish, and from time to time to produce ashes.The Fuel Biomass Fuel Boiler

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